Choosing a Cremation Urn

After the cremation, you have many choices about the final disposition of the cremation ashes. Most often, a permanent urn vessel is chosen as a memorial container and final resting place.

There are many choices of urns suitable for individuals, as well as companion urns for couples who prefer to keep their cremation ashes together. Using smaller sharing keepsake urns is a loving way to divide and share the cremation ashes among family members and friends so that each can keep a portion in a place that is close to them. Beautiful keepsake jewelry allows a tiny portion of the cremation ashes to be placed in an item that is worn everyday.

  • Choose an urn based on your personal preferences. Maybe you choose an urn for its beauty or simplicity. Or maybe you choose one that represents a lifelong hobby or passion. Choosing an urn that brings comfort or is pleasing to the eye will create a fitting memorial of a life well lived.
  • Consider the size of the urn. Urns are made in several different sizes to accommodate varying amounts of cremation ashes and the final disposition location. Generally, the cremation ashes from an average size adult require an urn capacity of about 190-220 cubic inches.

The size of the urn chosen is matter of personal preference. If you choose an urn that is larger than the amount of cremation ashes because you like how it looks, that is perfectly fine. If you choose one that is smaller, you can put the balance of the cremation ashes into keepsake urns and share them with others if you wish. Our cremation professionals are happy to assist you.

There are many meaningful ways to personalize and customize the urn as a memorial to the individual who has passed. Refer to the personalization section within Infinity or Infinity Pet details.