Final Resting Place

Home Display
Placing the urn in either a prominently displayed area or in a discrete place in your home is one way to find comfort in keeping your loved one close to you. Many urns can be chosen to match your décor, or simply blend in with other items in your home. The beauty of this approach is that as your life changes, the urn can move with you.

Having the cremation ashes buried at a cemetery gives your family a place to visit and pay tribute and allows burial near other family members. It also offers an opportunity for a graveside committal service and final farewell. Many cemeteries require the cremation urn to be placed inside a burial vault to prevent the earth from collapsing around it, or from accidental damage caused by the equipment used to maintain the cemetery grounds. A personalized monument or marker can be placed on the ground above the burial site as a memorial.

Niche Placement
Niches are available at several different locations such as mausoleums, columbariums, cemeteries or places of worship. Each niche is a three dimensional space and often there are many vertical columns and horizontal rows of niches in the same structure. Niches are designed in many different dimensions so knowing the height, width and depth of your niche will help you choose an urn that fits the available space. We have provided the dimensions of each of our urns.

Scattering a portion of the cremation ashes in a special place is another way to honor the memory of your loved one. One must bear in mind that scattering is an irreversible act and that the cremation ashes will be permanently irretrievable. Your funeral director can advise you of local regulations for scattering in various places such as at sea or in special gardens found in some cemeteries. After the scattering, the urn is kept as a way to memorialize the individual.

Water Burial
Biodegradable urns designed for water burial are engineered to float briefly, then sink and breakdown quickly. Other eco-friendly urns are designed to be buried in the earth and then their organic and natural materials will biodegrade over time.